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Babbletower is a dictionary reader written in JavaTM and developed particularly for PDAs (personal digital assistant). It allows you to use a multitude of dictionary files from within the same GUI (graphical user interface), and thus eliminates the need to switch between different programs to work with your dictionary data. Beyond that, it allows you to automatically lookup a search term in several dictionaries at the same time, and to easily 'jump' between dictionaries, i.e. lookup a word or phrase you found in one dictionary in a different one. Babbletower furthermore provides a vocabulary study aid, a feature that helps you to easily and quickly create vocabulary flash cards by directly copying dictionary entries to your vocabulary lists. You can then conveniently run quizzes based on your lists, while Babbletower keeps track of your progress.

Screen Shots

For a first impression, here a few screen shots.

Dictionary Screen Vocabulary List Vocabulary Flash Card

Target User Group

This project arose from the need for a dictionary reader that met my very personal requirements (you can read more about the motivation behind this project here). As such it was not written with a particular audience in mind. I feel however that Babbletower could be very handy for anyone who wants to use electronic dictionaries to facilitate their language studies. It should particularly be of interest to you if you already own a PDA. Take a look at the list of features below, and browse the manual to decide whether this could be the right solution for you.

Features in Brief

Following a list that highlights the main features of Babbletower. For a more detailed discussion covering also some of the technical issues read on here.


A manual is available here. It might also serve as a sort of tour of Babbletower.

System Requirements

Babbletower is fully written in JavaTM, so it potentially runs on many devices. See this list of supported platforms for more details.

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