Babbletower is certainly not the first dictionary reader project, but a few words about its history should explain why yet another dictionary reader. Things started when some while back I discovered Wadoku-Jiten, an excellent Japanese-German dictionary, compiled and published by Ulrich Apel. The wish to use this dictionary on a PDA, along with dictionaries from the Monash site I was already using came up very quickly.

Looking around I could find quite a few dictionary readers. However, evaluating them showed quickly that all of them had shortcomings I wasn't willing to accept. The most important ones among them:

Realizing that I wouldn't really be happy with any of the dictionary readers I had found, I set out to 'roll my own'. The result is the software introduced here. Although Babbletower was initially developed for use with the Japanese dictionaries I mentioned above, it is a generic dictionary reader that is not limited to working with Japanese dictionary data.

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