Supported Platforms

Since Babbletower is fully written in JavaTM, it potentially runs on many platforms. Practically however, the availability of reliable Java runtimes for mobile devices can still be a bit of a problem when trying to make use of this potential. But there is hope that this will improve in the near future.

Following a table listing platforms on which Babbletower has been verified to run. Note that most of this information has been contributed by other people, who installed and tried out Babbletower on their systems, and has not been checked by me. If your device is not listed here, this doesn't necessarily mean that Babbletower won't run on it. If you find its OS listed in the table, there's already a good chance that you can make it work on your device. Just give it a try and let me know of the results, so I can add this information here.

Maker Device OS Java runtime Remark
n/a PC Win32 standard
Compaq iPaq 3630 WindowsCE 3.0 Sun PJava
Casio Cassiopeia
WindowsCE 2.11J
Sharp Telios HC-AJ2 Windows HandheldPC
3.01 Pro
Zaurus SL-5x00 Linux Insignia Jeode EVM problems with text highlighting and menus due to bug in Jeode EVM (as of version 1.10.2)
Zaurus SL-A300
Zaurus SL-C700
Zaurus SL-C860 Sun J2ME
Personal Profile
see Karen Boyette's excellent installation page
Kyocera PocketCosmo
elate Intent

Java Runtime Legend
standard all Sun Microsystems runtimes from version 1.1.8 up; also equivalent runtimes by IBM
Sun PJava Sun Microsystems PersonalJava Runtime Environment for Windows CE versions 1.0 and 1.1 Beta 1

For an excellent list of Java runtimes, compilers, and tools see here.

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