Im- & Exporting Vocabulary Lists

You can use these features to import vocabulary lists you may already have compiled in to Babbletower, and likewise export lists you have created in Babbletower in to text files. They are available from the file menu of the wordbox. Following instructions on how to use them.


You can import vocabulary lists from text files, provided they are in any of the dictionary formats known to Babbletower, i.e. any of the pre-defined formats or formats you defined yourself. This means a vocabulary list needs to be structured in the same way as a dictionary - one entry per line.

To import one or more lists, follow these steps:


You can export word lists and folders from the wordbox in to text files. Flash cards are written one card per line. The format is tab separated, i.e. the fields from a card are separated by tab characters.

To export lists or folders, follow these steps:

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