Hiding Marked Text During Quizzes

Wordcard in edit mode... ...and in normal view

Sometimes, the field by which you do a quiz already gives away the answer. For example, in the Jouyou Kanji lists offered at this site, the translation field includes example compounds for the Kanji of a given wordcard. Seeing these compounds is very useful when studying Kanji, but they spoil the quiz by translation, since the Kanji you have to guess is already appearing in the translation field. To avoid this, it is possible to mark text in the heading, reading and translation fields to not show up in a quiz, until the card is completely opened. Switch the card to edit mode and simply place the text you want to be hidden in a pair of <[ and ]> (see screenshots above). In normal display of a wordcard, this markup is not visible.

Note that the Jouyou Kanji lists offered here already have the example compounds in the translation field properly marked.

Appearance during quiz

Only translation shown... ...reading also opened... ...fully opened

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